Erin Condren Clutch and Enamel Pins Review
Erin Condren Enamel Pins
Erin Condren Enamel Pins
I fell in love with Erin Condren because of their planners, but stay for the constant new products they produce. Recently they launched a line of enamel pins and a designer clutch. Once my heart eyed emoji face went back to normal, I quickly scooped up every single thing to get it a full look over to see if it’s really worth the fuss. Girl loves her enamel pins a bit too much.
As far as quality goes the clutch fabric feels nice, the zipper heavy duty, but it’s not a structured clutch like I expected. I have a lot of random makeup clutches similar to this that are much sturdier and hold their shape when stood up. This one slouches a bit and is more flexible. Not a negative per say, but definitely something noteworthy and not what I was expecting. Yet the gold detailing seems like it’s not going to crack or fade easily. However I think $20 is a little much for such a small clutch when you can get many similar to it from Forever21 for more than half the cost. 
In regards to the pins the Stay Gold one is definitely my favorite. It’s the largest and the only one I can really justify the price for. $8 is usually the norm for enamel pins (ours are less though, just saying!). The asterisks are barely a centimeter large if that and don’t really draw the attention well. The silver and gold ones are very similar in color that it’s hard to tell the difference at first. They’re all backed with a rubber backing rather than the metal clasp. Lots of pin enthusiasts say the rubber backing is more secure, but I don’t really have a preference one way or another and have never had issues with either.
Overall I’d say get the clutch when there’s a sale (like $10 off your first order) and grab the Stay Gold enamel pin if you’re trying to get to free shipping or want to treat yourself. I don’t regret the purchase at all, but if you’re trying to save some money and make smart buying decisions, I hope this helps.