Three Easy Halloween Treat Recipes
Nothing says Halloween like delicious treats. Sure candy is the easiest to snag up, but I wanted to try my hand at three different Pinterest recipes that are seriously getting me in the festive mood.
The Peanut Butter Spider Cookies are a fun spin on a classic cookie. The recipe is pretty straight forward, but I definitely recommend using pre-made icing or an actual piping bag for the legs. Things got intense and very messy when I tried it the original ziplock bag method. I made these bad boys to bring to a neighborhood game night this evening. We’ll see how they go over!
My personal favorite of the bunch has to be these Mummy Pumpkin Pie Cookies. Basically a pumpkin pie meets poptart, these cookies are seriously cute and look a lot more impressive than they actually are to make. The biggest downside is how small the serving size is. If you’re going to go through the effort to make these mummies, definitely double or triple the recipe to make it worth your while.
I desperately wanted to make the Monster Cupcakes in order to try my hand at cupcake decorating. I’ve never used piping tips before and after a lot of trial and error getting the frosting the right color, we were in business. This is such a fun activity for kids and really pumps up the creativity. Plus if you get a tip set it’s a blast trying to figure out what each one does. The candy eyes aren’t too difficult to find in the baking aisle of most super markets and it gives classic cupcakes a spooky vibe that’s just perfection.
This has been one crazy baking filled week. Now to sit back and eat way too much.