The Best Travel Souvenirs You Can't Get from a Store
The Best Travel Souvenirs You Can't Get from a Store
After many, many years of doing a terrible job at organizing and storing our collection, we finally found the perfect home for our travel sand and water collection. It’s the only souvenir that has stood the test of time and many moves. You definitely need to start one.
We get our little spice jars from Bed Bath and Beyond for a dollar a piece. The display rack from Michael’s is actually meant for shot glass collections, but our containers fit like a glove. Then we printed some stickers of all the locations to put on the jars for consistency. You could easily use a label maker as well.
We also allow unique additions from friends and family. It’s a fun way to get more people involved and we’ve found ourselves with a lot of cool, unique samples that way.
It’s by far the coolest thing we have from our travels. When gathering samples it feels like we’re just picking up more sand, but when they’re all together it’s obvious just how different the colors and styles really are. Plus besides the cost of the display and jars, these souvenirs were free. We can still remember all of the places where we gathered the sand or the people and their stories who have donated to our collection. 
Now we just have to figure out where to hang it.