There’s just something about September that always makes it the fast month of the year for me. It doesn’t help that I always pack tons of things into it as the weather finally cools off and I find myself with a newfound sense of motivation (that motivation is now completely gone by the way). 
If you want to hear all my verbal thoughts on these favorites, there’s a video to accompany this post at the bottom of the page. Now let’s dive in, shall we?
Beauty goes first because it only feels right. September was the month of a rekindled effort to get better at contouring. The only contouring product I happen to have is the NYX Contour Palette which I purchased when it came out a good year or so ago. Luckily the second shade on the bottom right does a decent enough trick as the rest are just too dark or orange-toned for my pale skin. It has been fun though trying to figure it all out, having some days where I look absolutely crazy and other days were you couldn’t even tell I did anything. 
The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush has become my contour brush of choice since its thickly packed bristles make sure product is going where I want it to and not all over my face. The contour addiction is growing stronger as I have my eye on the pricey Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powders. Cheaper alternatives are needed so pop them in the comments.
My concealer routine has also gotten a bit of a shake-up this month as I’ve tested out a few new products. The IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealing Pot* has been the most intriguing because as soon as I got past the first layer of product, it completely changed. It went from somewhat stiff and dry to a totally different product. Now it’s much more slippery, hydrating, and seems like a great concealer for winter months where I’ll need something with more moisture as my skin feels like it’s going to flake off into dry bits. A pretty picture I know.
It felt about time again to repeat my absolute love and affection for MAC Cosmetic’s “Twig” Lipstick. I make a point to bring it up every other month or so because it’s by far my favorite lipstick. The perfect brownish mauve that looks so flattering on the lips without causing a fuss or being too out there. It’s such a wearable shade and I have to convince myself to give my other lipsticks some attention it’s just that good.
Planning wise September has been all about traveler’s notebooks. I have a few posts on the topic already so I won’t go into too much detail, but I finally get the hype. Plus I desperately needed something to keep my gorgeous Oh, Hello notebooks safe in. Now they’re safely wrapped up in leathery goodness and I feel so posh whenever I bring out my setup. A full look through will be coming soon.
Through my traveler’s notebook adventures I’ve discovered another usage for the Erin Condren skinny sticky notes. I like to cut the bottom quarter off so they’ll fit into my notebooks to use them as to do lists on top of my to do lists. No lie. They’re great for writing out photography shot lists or videos I want to get done so I’m not taking up a ton of space on the daily page in my notebook. There’s a close up of what I’m talking about in the video.
September also marked one year of being married to Alex and I’m still baffled it’s been an entire year already. I must be getting old. Plus the darling Gallifrey came into our lives this month and I still can’t get over him. Instagram can’t either.