There's Nothing in the Bin and Other Home Styling Secrets
I’m no home decor genius, but I do know a thing about making my home look more together than it actually is. The internet is full of lies my friends and home styling is full of secrets.
See a gorgeous shelfie full of beautiful bins, books that have only been once, and perfume bottles full of expensive liquids? Those bins are either empty, or full of junk. Bins are a perfect way to add texture and break up a styling space, but more often than not are full of lies. I have a bin in our bedroom that’s sat empty for months, while another one is just full of squishies.
That super adorable chair is usually covered in a giant blanket to prevent cats from scratching it. My new office chair is gorgeous, but it only comes out to snap a picture and then it goes right back under a quilt. No way am I letting my claw-crazy cats get their hands on its fabric. Most of our furniture is safe if it’s leather, but anything fabric is destined for claw marks. Pets are the best, but not when it comes to keeping furniture looking its best. 
Beds are only made when guests are coming over or a photo is being taken. At least in our household anyway. There are those amazing people who make their bed every day and I seriously envy you, but that just doesn’t happen here. I’m lucky if the blankets are even still left on the bed. Yet when there are relatives coming into town or we’re hosting a party, the place looks good and proper. 
The house is only as tidy as the edges of a photo. Seriously. This one is a big one for all the Instagram ready houses you see online. You only see what the photographer wants you to see. I often have a basket of ready-to-fold-a-week-ago laundry just out of frame of most photos I take. Like the one for this post. So. Much. Laundry. So if your house feels constantly messy and you just don’t know how everyone else can keep up with it? Feel confident knowing that they don’t either.
What other home styling secrets do you know?