So You Want to be a Freelancer
Back near the end of 2017 I found myself suddenly a freelancer. It instantly became a change of pace I had never experienced before. New deadlines, tons of different responsibilities, and a juggling act I didn’t initially consider. Now, a solid six months after getting my first freelance job, I’m sharing some of my insights with you.
Although I found my two freelance jobs in photography and social media on Instagram of all places, there are a ton of other platforms like Upwork you can seek out if you’re looking for opportunities. However the best way I’ve found to get any business up and running is to talk to friends and family. Networking leads to more success in any field of work and it’s definitely true for freelance. Say yes to anything that comes your way when you start out. Do data entry here, transcription writing there, until you find the niche you like to work in or get clients in fields you’re interested in. 
My blog is how I got my two current freelance jobs. It shows dedication, consistency, and my photography and social media skills. So start one for whatever field you’re interested in freelancing in. That way you have a running portfolio of sorts of all your skills and talents. It shows initiative from day one long before the job even got on your radar. Plus blogs are basically the best things ever anyway. But I’m biased.
My blog paired with my portfolio made me a prime candidate for interviews. I made mine here for free and it puts a more professional spin on the photos I take for my blog. I also have a freelance specific resume ready for any jobs that may pop up.
Freelance jobs will rarely just land at your feet. You have to seek them out through a lot of talking with people, searching online, and putting yourself out there. You never know when an opportunity will show up. It could be on Instagram like both of mine were, or it could be waiting for you at your next neighborhood party. 
If you have any specific freelance questions send them my way!