Now let me start this by saying, my bag is not a hot mess jammed full of receipts and tons of makeup. Sadly this post will not be an exposé on the dark and dirty secrets in my handbag. It’s of course going to be about planners, because doesn’t everything I talk about come back around to planners?
So the bag in question is this gorgeous beauty from Target’s “A New Day” collection and is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a reasonably priced bag that looked more professional than a slouchy tote, but could still be jammed full of all the things I think I need to carry with me on a daily basis. You can get a better look at the bag in today’s video located at the end of this post.

This bag can hold not one, but two of my traveler’s notebooks. The smaller, A6 sized notebook from Oh, Hello Stationery is always in my handbags to track mileage for work, jot down notes, and store future blog post musings. The larger, B6 notebook gets popped in when I’m headed to a meeting and need to take notes, or a coffee shop where I feel a big brainstorming session coming on.
Of course there’s my phone and wallet, but I usually always have a little mirror compact and whatever lipstick I’ve been wearing a lot lately. There’s always a tube of the It Cosmetics Je ne sais quoi lip balm if my lips feel in need of moisture and some variety of hand cream. Right now I’m using the one that matches my favorite Elizabeth Arden White Tea Perfume.

The little pouch contains any feminine products I may need for my time of the month. I like keeping everything in a separate pouch (this one I got from Etsy ages ago) so I can just take it in and out of my bag for my period. Plus no one wants to use bottom-of-the-purse tampons.
We’ve been vlogging a lot more on our vlog channel so my Canon G7x and Manfrotto tripod are usually taking up a ton of space in the bag. The tripod is the best mini tripod I have ever used. Definitely worth picking up if you’re in the market.
It’s really a no-fuss practical list that still leaves quite a lot of room for any not-so-practical things I may pick up on my adventures outside. I’d love to hear if you keep anything strange or unusual in your bag. Or are you more of a practical essentials type of person?