How I'm Preparing My Business for 2019
It’s very unlike me, but I’m eager for the new year to start. I’m excited. And I haven’t felt like that in a really long time. With so many projects and plans for the 2019, here’s how I’m preparing my business to start the new year off with a bang.
A few weeks ago I sat down and made a marketing plan for the entire year. I mapped out a year’s worth of sales, promotions, and sales goals. This really helped me to visualize the entire year at once. It became obvious that some months were heavier with sales than others. I spaced everything out and have a clear road map for the year ahead.
I’m terrible at this, but I’m trying to get better at delegating more. I have a small but mighty staff that I’ve been passing off more projects to so I can focus on big picture things like our subscription box I mentioned in my last blog post. Plus a big goal for 2019 is to get into retail!
Despite being excited for all the work things next year, I’m also scheduling time off for self care and travel. I want to make sure I have time to recharge, shake off an burned out feelings, and seek creative inspiration.
I’m brainstorming. A lot. Like writing down any possible idea that pops into my head. I always brainstorm best right before I fall asleep, so I keep a notepad by my bed for scribbles in the dark I have to try and decipher the next morning. I’ve mastered the ability to not accidentally write over other ideas in the dark. Do you think that’s a skill you can endorse on LinkedIn?
I’m also trying really hard to listen to ideas from other people. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I’m too close to my business. It’s so valuable to listen to new ideas because they’re seeing my business in a way that I physically can’t, from the outside.
But above all else, I’m celebrating the victories of this year. 2018 marked the year of trying to slow down and appreciate accomplishments more. Take a second to breathe, look around at how far we’ve come, before moving on. As the year comes to a close I’m proud of what I’ve done, but excited to see what’s next.