My Weird Travel Quirks
One of the first things my husband accepted about me were my weird travel habits. I’m a strange, anxiety-filled duck when it comes to most things, but I get even weirder when it comes to travel. I honestly don’t know why I’m still like this after travelling every month for the past two years. Yet here we are.  
I always bring a pillow. Like a full sized one. From our bed. Regardless of how limited we are on space, I somehow always manage to jam my pillow into the suitcase to bring along with me despite Alex’s eye rolling.
I always have to have peanut butter M&Ms. I rarely eat them any other time, but when I’m travelling it’s a must. Anyone else have a weird travel-only snack you just have to have?
Now this one has to be the planner girl in me, but I always pack early. We’re talking a week early on average. I like to pick out the clothes I want to bring with me early so I don’t wear them before we leave. Plus I’m constantly paranoid I’m going to forget something (like a hairbrush I’m constantly forgetting) so in my head packing early means I have more time to think about what I need. Without fail, no matter how often we travel, I still pack like I haven’t traveled in years. 
Now so far these aren’t too crazy, but I also always use Google maps to check what food will be around me. I’m weirdly paranoid that despite living in the 21st century and really only travelling domestically, I won’t be able to find food. Like come on Kayla, there’s a Starbucks around every corner. You’re good. And yet about a week before we leave for a trip I find myself frantically googling food within walking distance of our hotel. Just in case I find myself starving to death.
Regardless of knowing where all the closest food sources are to the hotel, I still bring enough snacks to feed four people for a week. Without fail. Now that TSA requires you to take out snacks I look like I’m emptying a grocery cart every time I go to a security checkpoint. Apparently my fear of hunger knows no bounds.
What are some of your weird travel quirks? Make me feel less insane!