My Go-To Skincare Products
This girl’s got dry skin. No matter what the weather is like outside my face is as dry as a desert and begging for moisture. I tend to use the same products all year around, but with more focus on overnight masks in the winter. These are my four favorite products that keep my skin clear and hydrated.

I can’t tell you how many tubes of the Derma-E Hydrating Serum* I’ve thrown on my face in the past few years. It’s an incredibly light serum that packs a moisture punch. I love how fast it sinks into my skin so it’s great to use in the morning before I start my makeup routine. It’s FAB.
Although I use the Origins Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask like a crazy person in the winter, I still like to use it every two weeks or so to really pump up the hydration. My skin tends to get dull over time if I don’t do a shot of serious moisture every once in a while. I take a small amount on my fingers and massage it into my skin after my evening routine is done. It feels thick, but works its magic throughout the night. Seriously good stuff.

My Go-To Skincare Products
Another mask that I can’t get enough of is Glossier’s moisturizing moon mask. You can find me in the bath with this stuff slathered on my face at least once a week. It’s incredibly light, doesn’t dry out or pull the skin, and leaves it feeling bouncy and refreshed. Plus a little goes a long way which is always a plus.
As for makeup removal I try to keep things gentle and not moisture-stripping (you’re seeing a trend here eh?). The It Cosmetics Bye Bye Makeup Balm is a makeup removing oil that doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry after using it. I apply it to dry skin, rub it around, and then add some water to foam it up. Rinse away and continue to the next step in my routine. Easy peasy. 
What are you favorite go-to skincare items?