Etsy is a wonderful, magic place full of seriously talented people. Over the years I’ve placed too many orders to count, but have developed a list of ten of my favorite places to shop. Some have been around longer than even my store has, while others are brand new. There’s a little bit of everything in here from stationery supplies, to jewelry, to some insane soaps. Your next favorite shop could be just a scroll away.


This shop is my newest discovery and has me lusting over literally every single product. Handmade plant and succulent jewelry? Shut up. They’re so detailed, well-crafted, and beautiful. I’m still trying to decide which products to include in my first order. 

Boy Girl Party

This shop has always been a huge source of inspiration for me and my own business. Susie Ghahremani is an incredibly talented artist and it’s been awesome to follow her artistic career over the past few years. She’s illustrated a number of different children’s books, carries some of my favorite enamel pins, and continues to expand her brand in exciting, inspiring ways.


One of the first shops I discovered when I got into the planning world, Craftedvan is my favorite place for magnetic bookmarks. They have greeting cards, enamel pins, and magnets, but the bookmarks are where it’s at. They’re super high-quality, very magnetic, and there are tons of options to choose from. The bookmarks I ordered back in 2013 are still in perfect condition.


I have the great honor of knowing Posey Thompson in real life and her new shop screams Posey in all of the best ways. I have the inside scoop that she has a ton of new cards coming. Plus you can find them in my gift shop in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Another shop I discovered when I dove into the planning world, these charms and clips are beyond adorable. The type of thing I would put on every single zipper if I had the budget for it. The variety is insane and I have at least four of these on my wishlist at all times.


My husband Alex introduced me to Pernille’s artwork a number of years ago and it’s been a favorite of ours since. For our first wedding anniversary (the paper year), I gave Alex an autographed copy of her first book. Her images are so iconic and completely her. Her shop changes often depending on what she has available these days,. Fingers crossed she comes out with a line of stationery soon!


Soapopotamus could very well be the first shop I ever bought something from on Etsy. I have no idea how I found her, but it was love at first cute soap. I have a weird thing for items that look like something, but are actually something else. So donuts that are actually soap, sign me up? The sushi set on her homepage is definitely going to find it’s way into my cart. Such a fun idea for a gift for someone who has everything or you want to give them something that they’ll use up and not clutter their house.


When I used Blogger has my blogging platform, Maira’s templates completely MADE my website. She was incredibly helpful any time I had a problem with my template, even years after I purchased it. They’re downright beautiful and incredibly affordable if you’re getting into blogging. I made the switch over to WordPress recently, but I do miss my Blogger and these layouts.


Felt paperclips are my weakness. There’s just something about the cute little details and how it makes my planner look so festive that I just can’t escape them. This shop’s name changed recently (I think?), but I cannot get enough. The neutral beige rainbow has my attention these days. They also make reels for nurses and jobs that have badges. Plus they have over a thousand items to choose from so you can browse their page all day.


Last but not least is the shop where I got Alex the gift for our 2nd anniversary (cotton). Ira-Yura is insanely talented in cross-stitch and is who I’ll go to for all of my cross-stitch needs, and I surprisingly have a lot of those. I cannot wait to make another one and am already drumming up reasons.

What I love most about Etsy is that you’re supporting an actual person and their passion. There’s something so beautiful about a product made by hand and incredibly worth it. What are some of your favorite shops?