I’ve always had a thing for greeting cards. Hell it’s why I started my first business. So it’s a no brainer that 2020 is the year of greeting cards for me. It’s been a great way to keep in touch with friends and family beyond a text or a Facebook message. Plus any excuse to be able to use my wax seal, right? If you’re looking to beef up your on-hand card selection, these are five categories you don’t want to forget. (Ironically I forgot one in the video!)


Probably the most obvious of the card categories, but I suggest you go with more generic, basic card designs. That way they’ll work for best friends and somewhat strangers at the same time. It’s what’s inside the cards that count, right?


Now celebration can cover anything from marriage to paying off student loans, so to keep your collection from overflowing with every possible event, stick with the basics. A good ol’ congrats or hooray card will do the trick. And if you’re in a pinch you can even use the hooray one to celebrate the fact that you’re writing a letter.


Does anyone else still send a thank you letter after a thoughtful gift or lovely evening together? Just me? I’m apparently 100 million years old and love sending a thank you card for any little reason.


The category that most definitely slipped my mind when I was filming this video earlier today. If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that loss can hit you fast and dirty. It’s downright heartbreaking how many sympathy cards I’ve sent out this year on top of the loss I myself have felt. Unfortunately you should keep some of these on hand for life’s unfortunate surprises.


This is definitely the category I go a bit crazy in. Any cute, decorative card that’s blank inside falls into this category. If you’re going to have any greeting cards on hand, have this type. You can fill the insides in with whatever occasion that calls for a note and look completely thoughtful without having to have the perfect card.

So I somehow managed to completely forget about sympathy cards when I filmed this video, but you get the idea! All the cards featured in this post and the video are available on my website or in store.