This girl’s got plants. Like a lot of them. Over 50 and counting are plopped throughout my house in all different shapes and species. I get asked tons of questions about how I keep them alive and remember to water them. With all this time we’re spending at home lately, I’m super glad you’re considering becoming a plant person. I promise it’s a whole lot easier than you think.

First off, you don’t need a jungle of plants. One or two plants starting out is just fine to get used to caring for plants. I also suggest picking super easy to grow options like peace lilies and ferns. Devil’s ivy is also a super easy plant to grow and take care of.

Oh, Hello Living Holding a Plant

Quite simply, put your plant near a window (any window starting out will do, just get it light) and set yourself a phone reminder to water the plant once a week. I usually water on Sundays in the morning while I’m tidying up the house. If you find that the soil is still wet when you go to water, change your phone alarm to eight or nine days. Let the soil dry before watering.

When you purchase a new plant, repot it into another, larger pot that has drainage. If the pot doesn’t have holes in the bottom, add some rocks and sand to the bottom before adding soil so the excess water has somewhere to go.

Above all, check on your plants. Put them in a place that you will see them regularly. Near where you get ready in the morning, by your sink, etc. A plant you see is a plant that has a better chance to live.

You may still kill a few plants. It happens to me a few times a year. There are some plants that just won’t like you or your home’s growing conditions. Don’t take it too harshly and keep trying. There is definitely a plant out there for you. Trust me.