So this Christmas is pretty weird, I’ll give you that. But honestly I’m kind of happy about it. It’s the very first Christmas without my dad who unexpectedly died at 56 in January. It was going to be a very hard year to begin with and I take a weird sense of comfort knowing that it’s hard for everyone, just for another reason.

I’m sitting at our dining room table with my second chai latte of the day, our Christmas tree with no presents underneath it (we mailed them all out earlier this month), and no snow outside. I cannot remember a Christmas in Michigan that hasn’t had snow before or around the 25th. It’s a weird one for sure.

Mainecoon cat

It’s not always going to be like this. Or maybe it is. Despite my best efforts I haven’t developed superhero powers this year to tell the future. I’ll keep checking to see if they’ve kicked in, but in the meantime we’ll all just have to see where this life takes us. Yet this is the set of cards we’ve been dealt and all we can do is try to make the best of it, whatever that may look like.

So Merry COVID Christmas you guys. May your holiday be filled with delicious cookies, Christmas songs on repeat, and no family drama (because it’s not like you can see them in person anyway and you could always just mute them on the video call). We’re all going to be ok. I just know it.