A digital detox doesn’t mean you have to leave your phone somewhere for days on end. There are ways to digital detox while still using technology. My version of a digital detox anyone can do without going phoneless.

We usually feel like we need a detox because what we’re viewing online isn’t making us feel good or providing us with anything positive. So the detox really is quite simple. Go into all of your social accounts and unfollow anything that makes you feel bad about your self worth. And I mean all of them. Scroll through your feed and anything that makes you feel negatively towards yourself, unfollow.

Mute people on Facebook, unfollow Instagram accounts that make you feel less than, and clean out anything that doesn’t positively inspire you. Now this doesn’t mean you get rid of every opinion that you don’t agree with, but get rid of accounts that make you feel like you aren’t good enough. They aren’t doing you any favors.

Then head to the explore section on Instagram to discover things that inspire you. Follow creators, body positive accounts, and anything that brings you joy. Remove the toxic and add the positive.

stack of books and mementos

If the unfollowing of accounts still doesn’t seem to curb the toxic feelings, try turning off all notifications to social apps. Turn off the banners, numbers in the corner of the app, and any sounds associated. You’ll find yourself much less attached to your phone if you don’t allow it to constantly get your attention.

If you just can’t seem to stop the scrolling but still want to try a digital detox, give this simple tip a try.