Maybe it’s because I’m approaching 30 or maybe it’s because I’ve spent 99% of my time this past year in my home, but I’m embracing life’s natural flow these days. There is a time and season for everything it seems whether we willingly enter into it or not. This past year has been a year of reflection, self-exploration, and understanding of needs. 

Over the years I’ve fought against life’s natural flow. Which I feel like most people naturally do. We feel this sense of obligation to our profession, to our hobbies, etc. that we don’t stop to really embrace the natural flow of things. We know deep down what’s right for us at what time. I truly believe that.

I haven’t written a blog post in a few months. That’s ok. Maybe I’m no longer interested in blogging regularly. Maybe this period of my life has passed. And so what if that’s true? I think one of the biggest keys to living a more simple life is to embrace our natural sense of timing. I decided that two of my goals this year don’t suit me like I thought they were. I’m not quitting or giving up on them, but rather making an adjustment based on where I am in my life and what my needs are at this point and time.

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There’s value in taking the time to sit inside of yourself to really feel where your mind and body want to take you. Turn your phone to silent, reduce the noise in your space, and really look inside yourself. Are you pursuing a goal that doesn’t suit you anymore? Are you following a dream that you no longer have? Is there something you’ve always wanted to do or try and it finally feels like the right time? 

We change our minds. We change our interests. We’re human after all and cannot remain the same static creature every single day of our lives. So be kind to yourself, legitimately listen to your inner thoughts and feelings, and do something about them.

I honestly don’t know what compelled me to write this post, but I’m happy I did. Maybe it sounds like the crazy talk of someone who spends too much time alone. Or maybe it’s exactly what you needed to hear. Because it’s definitely what I needed to write.