With the holidays keeping me completely swamped, I made only a few purchases in November and December. I’ve worked hard over the years to curb my shopping addiction and would consider myself a pretty minimalist purchaser. I’d love to know what you bought in November/December while the holidays were in full swing.

1. Knix Underwear

I originally bought this brand of underwear to wear during my periods, but now I prefer to wear period underwear all month long. They’re comfortable, I never have to worry about spotting, and have limited edition patterns come out fairly often. For my periods I’ll use a heavier option from Knix, but the light ones are perfect for every day. I wanted to cycle out the remaining random pairs of tired underwear, so I bought a few more to round out my collection.

2. Target Pants

A TikTok about capsule wardrobes lead me to purchase these patterned pants. She said getting different styles of pants helps to add more variety to a simple wardrobe. I only really have a couple of pairs of jeans which make a lot of my outfits look the same. So I wanted to mix things up. They’re super comfortable, easy to dress up and down, and are under $30.

3. Spreader Knives

For decades we’ve used basic butter knives to decorate our favorite cut-out cookies. They constantly fall out of the frosting bowls, make messes everywhere, and are generally hard to use. It dawned on me this year after three different cookie decorating sessions to pick up a set of these spreader knives instead. They stayed in the frosting bowls perfectly and made decorating the cookies so much easier. Just took me 25 years to figure it out.

4. WontonInAMillion Stickers

Now I had some of these Wonton in a Million stickers on my Christmas wishlist, but Alex pointed out to me how unlikely it would be that anyone get these for me. So I treated myself to a few sheets. This is my go-to shop for character stickers and I love supporting Cynthia, the owner, and the amazing company she’s built.

5. Kavu BackpackĀ 

Now technically this Kavu backpack was a gift from Alex’s parents, but I picked it out and wanted to share it with you guys. His parents gave us free reign to pick whatever we wanted while we were visiting them in Virginia and I quickly scooped this little cutie up. It’s so handy, surprisingly large, and makes me feel like I could go on a ten mile hike or something.

6. Sign Language Book

Alex and I signed up for a Sign Language class in the new year and this Sign Language Book is the required reading. We’ve talked about wanting to do a class like this for ages and one day I just searched for one near by and signed us up. It’s crazy how easy it sometimes is to do the things you always talk about doing.

7. Sponge HolderĀ 

I’ve had one of those suction sponge holders on my kitchen sink for ages and it always came off. I finally got fed up with it and bought this sponge holder that adheres to the side of the sink. Simple, stays put, and doesn’t take up too much sink space. Problem solved.

8. The Artist’s Way Book

Ironically enough I started the practice of morning pages before ever getting my hands on this book. I first rented it from the library, but it’s the type of book that I need to digest over a longer period of time. I usually never buy books, but this one felt like a good exception to make. I plan on talking about my experience more in a later blog post, so stay tuned.

I weirdly love doing posts like these. I collect links and images as I purchase things throughout the month and it really helps to make me stop and think about what I’m buying. So thanks for holding me accountable!