Another trip is right around the corner (Houston for PlannerCon Parties) and my brain is already telling me to pack. You’d think after travelling at least once a month for two years straight that nagging voice in my head would go away by now. But we are who we are.
I’ve become a bit of a packing pro over the years and have fine tuned the essentials I take with me every trip. There are a couple new additions to the mix since we started doing personal item only travel (we’re midwest cheap at its best).
Since we’re rocking personal items only, I usually pack a small purse I can pull out later and use while exploring. Just big enough for a wallet and my phone. This brown one gets a lot of questions whenever I post it on Instagram. It’s from a secondhand store and is the perfect little travel companion.
I was gifted these Sudio headphonesearlier this year from the company and they’re a complete game changer. They’re bluetooth, but also still have a headphone cord to plug into the screens on planes. Plus they’re noise cancelling and hella cute. I definitely lucked out with this one.
There’s always a water bottle (this one Oh, Hello Promo made for a client) and my vlogging camera in the mix. I recently added the new Erin Condren Accordion Pouch to the lineup as well to separate out toiletries. My pouch loving ways can’t get over the genius idea to attach separate pouches together. GENIUS.
As far as planning tools go, I’ll sometimes bring my to-do list planner, but more often than not I just bring a pocket traveler’s notebook to write down ideas I have or things I don’t want to forget to do when I get home. I store all my writing tools in my Erin Condren Planny Pack and attach it to the TN or a memory notebook if I’ve brought one.
I started bringing a couple of thank you notes when I travel to leave for housekeeping or people we visit. It’s a nice little gesture that doesn’t take up any packing space but leaves a seriously great impression. How else am I going to get invited back?!
I keep cotton pads in a little jar and makeup wipes for super lazy days in a soap holder. That way they’ll stay damp and I’m not bringing a huge package along with me or unnecessary plastic from a travel pack.
With personal item only travel I had to get super creative with how I pack EVERYTHING. I found these little craft storage jars at the dollar store and use them to decant products into them. I’m super picky about my toothpaste and it doesn’t come in a travel size so this is perfect! Evil genius status achieved.
The next time we travel with actual carry-ons or (heaven forbid) a CHECKED bag I won’t know what to do with myself. You mean I can pack clothing OPTIONS!??! Now that’s just crazy talk…